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Checkout open hours:
Monday - Friday:
12:00PM - 8:00PM

Checkout will close for the Semester on Friday, April 21st. All equipment must be returned prior to closing on that day. Failure to do so may result in a hold being placed on your grades.


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770 West Hampton Drive,

Fairbanks Center, Room 030

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Checkout access is for designated courses in CCOM only. If you are not enrolled in a production-related course, do not sign in unless you have been instructed to do so by your instructor or Mark Harris.

You must do an initial login with your Butler username and password in order to receive your access assignment(s). If you used Connect2 last semester and are enrolled in a checkout course this semester, you are probably still in the system and strikes will be carried over from last semester. 

Checkout is no longer open on weekends. If you need to use equipment over the weekend, you will need to make a booking from Friday to Monday. 

New Videos posted in Help Section❓:
▶️How to make a booking in Connect2: This will walk you through signing in and booking equipment and facilities. 

▶️How to Extend your reservation in Connect 2.
This will show you how to extend an existing reservation (if you already have equipment that has been checked out to you). 
If this doesn't work, email Mark Harris to extend your reservation.

Equipment can be checked out for 3 days at a time. Take advantage of this by checking out your camera with enough time prior to your intended use to charge the batteries! Each battery takes 30-45 minutes to charge. Reserve your camera the night before, put your batteries on charge and it's 100% when you need it!



📺How to make a booking in Connect2

Important note: Your booking needs to cover the entire duration of the time that you need the equipment. Making a second booking for the same equipment will not work because the first booking shows up as a late return and the second one will expire 2 hours after the equipment is not picked up!

📺How to extend your reservation in Connect 2

If this doesn't work, email Mark Harris and ask to have your reservation extended. Be sure to include the return day and time in your email.

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Equipment Policy: All equipment is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. All equipment must be checked out for use on academic class projects and class use. All equipment requests are subject to availability and the system may substitute another piece of equipment if the specific one that you reserved is unavailable.

Equipment Checkout is open from Noon until 8pm Monday-Friday.
The Fairbanks Center facilities in this system are available from 7 a.m. to 11:00 pm daily. If you need to return equipment after hours, request a locker from the checkout staff. You are responsible for all equipment and parts assigned to you until they are returned to a checkout staff member. Do not leave equipment unattended or where it is likely to theft such as in the backseat of your car.

Some studio reservations require that you contact staff PRIOR to reserving online as noted in the room description.

CCOM internships are not checkout courses. Your contracted organization should provide you with equipment and facilities to do work assigned for your internship. Employed positions on-campus likewise are not supported by camera checkout. Your employer needs to provide you with assets needed for you to do your job.

Failure to return equipment on time affects other students. Failure to return equipment as scheduled will result in a strike on your access and/or eventual suspension of equipment privileges, which may affect your course grades. Please respect the rules and your fellow students by adhering to policy. Use of Checkout equipment for use outside of designated CCOM class projects or any use for personal profit is strictly prohibited. By proceeding to make reservations, you imply your understanding & consent of this and other posted policies.